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GD Equity Partners is a privately held real estate investment firm that focuses on multi-family asset repositioning and development in emerging markets.

GD Equity Partners is a regional real estate investment company specializing in the residential and multifamily sector. We are focused on the acquisition, management and repositioning of apartment projects in growth markets across the united States.

GD Equity Partners provides investment opportunities backed by real estate assets to provide better than average rates of returns than normally found in traditional CD’s, Money Market Accounts, and IRA’s. We enable our investors to become passive equity partners in institutional-quality, recession-resistant, real estate. Our deal structures allows investors to invest alongside experienced operating partners who have a proven track record of delivering attractive risk-adjusted returns.

Our goal is to help investors build long-term wealth and passive income streams through consistent value-add opportunities. Each deal we fund allows for investors to preserve capital investments, collect consistent quarterly cash distributions, and build equity through future capital appreciation of the assets. We are headquartered in Northern Virginia, with a team spread out across the region.
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Our deal flow provides valuable portfolio diversification across multiple asset classes, operators and geographies 


Enjoy lucrative ROI’s without exposing yourself to unnecessary risk.


Invest in pre-vetted recession resistant assets that perform well in all cycles while providing favorable tax treatment.


As a passive equity investor you'll receive consistent and predictable passive income distributions directly to your bank account


We have respected and experienced operators in DMV Market and are dedicated full-time to managing the investments.


We invest in tangible land and commercial buildings that avoid market volatility.


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Cash Flow from Operations - Positive cash flow from rental income is typically distributed to investors quarterly and in lump sum payouts at disposition and/or refinancing.


Appreciation - Unlike single family homes, a multifamily apartment is a business valued primarily by its Net Operating Income (NOI). Through operational improvements, you can increase the value of the property by increasing NOI.


Amortization to build Equity - Revenue from regular operations & rental income pays down the debt on the property, which in turn builds equity for investors.


Depreciation and Other Tax Benefits - Investors benefit from tax benefits such as accelerated depreciation and cost segregation, possible 1031 exchanges into new projects and tax free return of initial equity.

Occasionally termed as the cash yield, "cash-on-cash" evaluates the return generated on the funds invested in a real estate asset.
The internal rate of return (IRR) serves as an annualized metric, encompassing the calculation of both cash flow and equity yielded throughout the entirety of the holding period for an investment.
This figure represents the averaged rate of return observed across completed GD Equity projects. Its calculations are drawn from the gains on the projects that have completed the entire cycle, encompassing acquisition, repositioning, operational phases, and eventual sale.
For every project undergoing distribution, we disburse quarterly payments through ACH, accompanied by our quarterly letter from the GD Equity asset management department.
Our investment duration varies. Generally, we aim for a holding period of 3–5 years, although certain transactions may extend up to 10 years. The holding period is delineated as the duration from the acquisition of the underlying property to the point at which the property is sold, and the resulting proceeds are distributed to investors.
Traditional Cash Investment: Opting to invest with after-tax funds allows you to fully leverage the depreciation benefits associated with real estate ownership, all without the responsibilities of becoming a hands-on landlord.

Self-directed IRA: If a significant portion of your net worth is tied up in retirement plans, you can collaborate with a custodian to transfer a portion of your retirement account into a self-directed IRA. This approach enables you to diversify your retirement portfolio by investing in real estate. We can provide recommendations for reputable self-directed IRA custodians.

1031 Exchanges: For those seeking to transition from active ownership of real estate into a more passive role, we accept 1031 exchanges into our projects. The minimum equity investment for 1031 exchanges is $1 million.

Capital Gains/Opportunity Zones: Clients who have realized capital gains from the sale of stocks, businesses, or real estate can explore our projects situated in qualified opportunity zones. This avenue provides the opportunity to defer tax payments and, in some cases, completely eliminate taxes on the proceeds from the sale of our projects.
At GD Equity, we maintain ongoing and transparent communication with our investors. This commitment is evident through quarterly email updates, regular asset management reports once a property is operational, and annual reviews of the overall investment portfolio. Moreover, our investors enjoy secure access to a dedicated portal, allowing them to conveniently monitor investment returns, agreements, tax information, and distributions.
An accredited investor is an individual meeting specific income and net worth thresholds established by SEC regulations. Accredited investors have the privilege of engaging in investments that are not registered with the SEC.

To be eligible:
  1. Your annual income should reach $200,000, or $300,000 when combined with a partner's income over two consecutive years, with the anticipation of maintaining or elevating this level in the current year.
  2. Your net worth must surpass $1 million, excluding the value of your primary residence.
Certainly! At GD Equity, our investment advisors are dedicated to collaborating with you in crafting a personalized portfolio tailored to align with your specific goals and requirements. Feel free to reach out to us to schedule an introductory call, where we can discuss your needs without any obligation and initiate the process.
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Investment outcomes are subject to variation, and past successes do not guarantee future results.